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Robert Mincey
Robert Mincey
John is a Rockstar great communication throughout the process and helps ease those tensions for new business owners or first timers diving into the LOC or loan side of business! Highly recommend.
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez
I appreciate the communication and knowledge the AMP team shared with me. I got the funding I needed in time and was able to pick up a big project I really wanted!
Sebastián Vargas
Sebastián Vargas
It is an excellent company, the process to get funded was very easy and fast, and the customer service was very good đź‘Ť
Stephanie Deshazier
Stephanie Deshazier
Great customer service. Everyone was very friendly but still professional. They went the extra mile to help me get funding. They are awesome!
Miguel Chacker
Miguel Chacker
This company was awesome, when they reached me out I was not sure about their wonderful offer but I ddi received the funds so I was happy that they're a legitimate company. I would recommend AMP Advance to those who needs fast funding , Satisfied customer here...:)
Crystal “macmafialadyangler” Nixon
Crystal “macmafialadyangler” Nixon
Great company! Remo went over and beyond to help me. I couldn’t ask for better service.
Cary Hall
Cary Hall
The Amp Advance team were fantastic to deal with. Very good communication and turn around times on everything to get me the financing I needed to advance my business. Thanks!!!
Austin Gates
Austin Gates
The whole team was super helpful through the whole process.
Rico Menace
Rico Menace
Worked with Remo,got everything wrapped up quickly and got me better rates and higher offer then any other company I talked to. Deff recommend working with them and ask for Remo he’s the best and very consistent. I wasn’t answering the phone and he kept reminding me of the cut off time trying to make sure I was funded in time. Great customer service

One Application, Multiple business loans

Get Pre-Qualified in Minutes

Line of Credit

A small business line of credit can help a company get through short term needs like unexpected expenses, purchase more inventory, or even payroll. Lines of credit are a fantastic way to borrow funds because the business owner can draw money out as needed and only pay costs on used funds.

Loan Term

Up to 2 Years

Interest Rate

As low as 8% Annual

Equipment Financing

An equipment loan, is a type of business loan that provides funds for purchasing essential machinery or technology. The equipment itself often acts as collateral, enabling businesses to acquire necessary assets while managing cash flow.

Loan Term

Up to 5 Years

Interest Rates

As low as 7.5% Annual

SBA Loans

SBA loans, backed by the Small Business Administration, offer financial support to small businesses. SBA loans provide capital for various purposes such as acquisition, expansion, equipment financing or working capital.

Loan Term

Up to 30 Years

Interest Rate

PRIME + 4.75% Annual

Merchant Cash Advance

Use your future revenue in exchange to receive a lump sum payment, today. It's not a loan but rather an advance against future revenue. Very little documents are required and is not a credit sensitive option.

Loan Term

Up to 2 Years

Interest Rates

Starting at 1.15% Monthly

Unsecured Business Loans

A type of business financing that doesn't require collateral, relying instead on the creditworthiness of the borrower. Repayment terms vary but are typically based on the borrower's credit history and financial standing.

Loan Term

Up to 5 Years

Interest Rate

Starting at 8.99% Annual

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We’ve Helped

Small Businesses

We’ve Funded

$150 Million+

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About Us

Is there a fee to apply for business funding?

No, AMP doesn’t charge any fees to apply for any one of our business funding programs

If I want to pay early, is there a fee to close my account?

No, there is no fee to close the account if you’d like to pay early, as a matter of fact a AMP representative will often provide a discount when you pay early.

What are the typical rates?

AMP has several different business funding programs, each with its own rate and term by our exclusive institutional partnerships. Our representatives do their best to give the most aggressive offer when it comes to cost of funding.

Are there any closing costs?

AMP doesn’t directly charge any additional fees.


Can I handle my whole application process online if I’d like?

Yes, you can! We offer both a fully automated process or a more involved Concierge approach.

If I’ve had past credit problems, should I apply?

YES, AMP has been able to help many clients with a less than perfect credit history.

Can I leverage my minority ownership in a business for personal financing?

We require at least 51% ownership to close on a deal. In some cases, we would require 80%. Call us at (888) 201-2860 for any additional questions you may have.

How much time after filling out an application does it take to get a decision?

AMP can match you with a lender and fund in as little as 24 hours, an average funding timeframe is 2-4 business days.

If I already have a business loan, and need more funding should I apply?

Yes, AMP offers many products that can help you no matter the current situation.

My business just started. Can I still I get approved for financing?

We are unable to help fund start-ups. However, if you have been open for at least three months and can provide official documentation of your sales history, you are a candidate and should not hesitate to apply. In fact, it will be a short and simple process.

Do I need to mail in signed hardcopies of the application and contract?

No. We happily accept all documentation sent to us by fax or e-mail to our secure server.


Is there a fee to apply for business funding?

No, AMP doesn’t charge any fees to apply for any one of our business funding programs.

What are the typical rates?

AMP has several exclusive funding partners, each with their programs along with rate and terms. Our algorithms help match you with the most competitive rates based on your financing needs and terms custom tailored to your cashflow.

Are there any closing costs?

AMP doesn’t directly charge any additional fees.

If I want to pay early, is there a fee to close my account?

No, there is no fee to close the account if you’d like to pay early, as a matter of fact many AMP partners will often provide a significant discount when you pay off early for certain programs.


Will this financing report to my business or personal credit?

MP has programs that offer this feature and some that don’t. Depending on what the client’s needs are we place them into the appropriate program to fit those needs.

Is your financing personally guaranteed and do you require collateral?

We offer programs that do not have a personal guaranty or collateral, and we also offer programs that do. These details will depend on the type of financing you are looking for and will be communicated to you by our funding experts, verbally and in writing.

Is there a pre-payment penalty if I want to pay my account off early?

No there isn’t, AMP has many funding programs that offer a discount to pay off early so YOU SAVE!

If I already have a business loan, can I qualify for another?

A qualified AMP representative will review your account with you and place you into a program that will fit your scenario without overextending your business.

What steps can I take to ensure I receive the funds as fast as possible?

To expedite approval and funding, we encourage you to submit all requested documentation within 1 (one) day of submitting the initial application.


What type of repayment options does AMP offer on business funding products?

AMP has repayment options that include daily, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

Do I have to change my credit card merchant account?

The simple answer is NO! We work with many providers that do not require a change to your payments systems. However, if you did want to see if AMP could save you money on your current merchant account we’re always glad to provide you with lower cost options!


When I send my personal information to AMP does the company re-sell it?

No, AMP stores all information in a secure CRM which sits on a secure cloud. Nothing is saved to any local computers and no data is ever sold to any 3rd parties.

Is my email secure that I send to the company with my information?

YES, AMP has a top notch cyber security policy along with the most sophisticated security software.

What happens with my information if I’m declined?

AMP shreds any printed information and securely disposes of all shredded documents.

Will any of my creditors be notified I’ve applied for business funding?

AMP doesn’t directly alert any creditors that you’re applying for business funding.

Disclosure Agreement

By clicking “Submit”, you (i) consent to receiving calls and texts, from AMP ADVANCE Business Loans and those acting on its behalf at the telephone number you have provided above (including your cellular phone number); consent to receiving telemarketing calls or texts at this number using an automatic telephone dialing system by, or on behalf of, AMP Advance or its affiliates; agree that this consent applies even if the number you have provided is currently on any state, federal, or corporate Do-Not-Call registry; and understand that you are not required to provide this consent as a condition of receiving any credit or services from AMP ADVANCE and that you may apply for business credit by contacting us directly; and (ii) acknowledge that you have read AMP ADVANCE Terms & Conditions , Privacy Policy and SMS Wireless Policy. You understand that you may opt-out of receiving communications of your choice from AMP ADVANCE as provided in the Privacy Policy and SMS Wireless Policy.